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School Support

If you are a school or educational establishment who is keen to gain more cohesive and effective support and advice with an individual student's SEND and/or SEMH difficulties or require support and guidance for whole school approaches and strategies, please get in touch

Contact us for a free consultation or for our pricing schedule at

Individual Student SEMH Support

Friends Hanging Out

Needing support with an individual student with SEND and SEMH difficulties?


We bring our multi-specialist offer to ensure you, your staff and more importantly the child or young person receives more cohesive support without being passed between other services in order to achieve more sustainable, effective outcomes. 

Policy Reviews 

Signing Contract

Do your Policies reflect your schools values and culture? Are they accessible to your staff, parents/carers and other stakeholders? This offer looks to ensure your policies are tailored to you and not just meeting statutory needs. 

This service can be completed remotely.

Whole School Culture Approach

Best Friends

Looking to make your school culture more accessible and open to ensure there is more focused approach and awareness of social, emotional and mental health difficulties. A culture that your staff buy into and come on board by seeing the benefits of inclusion.

TA and LSA Programme

Tutoring Session

This programme will develop your TA and LSAs to be fully equipped with understanding and implementing effective support to those students they support. This is ideal for those with 1:1 responsibilities and/or working with children/young people with EHCPs. 

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