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NeuroEd Training


NeuroEducation offer a range of relevant, research led training courses enabling you to further develop and broaden you and your staff's knowledge and understanding of the broader complexities of children & young people and their neurological development, social, emotional and mental health difficulties through theory and practice. 

NeuroEducation prides itself on its quality training which it can deliver to schools, local authorities and other professionals working with children and young people. Our training is also easily accessible to parents, carers and those with a general interest in supporting children and young people. 

SEMH Training course

Face to Face Courses

Attachment and Attachment Disorders

Attachment and Attachment Disorders

Trauma Informed Schools

Trauma Informed Schools Programme 

TA SEMH Programme

TA SEMH Programme

SEMH Trauma NeuroEduation

Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Effective Strategies and Intervention in SEMH

Effective Strategies and Intervention in SEMH

Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing and Self-Stimulatory Behaviours

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety & Anxiety Disorders

The Adolescent Brain

The Adolescent Brain


Developing Brain Seminars


De-escalation and Post Incident Briefing


Introduction to the Principles of Neuroeducation


Bespoke Pupil Workshops

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