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NeuroEd Research Page

On top of our Blogs and FAQ pages, we aim to ensure up to date, relevant research is accessible and shared in order to raise awareness, build knowledge and facilitate learning.


Our Research Pages includes a range of texts through publications and journals within different fields in order to provide a wider understanding of the complexities and approaches needed in supporting children and young people. 

On Neuroeducation: Why and How to Improve Neuroscientific Literacy in Educational Professionals

New findings from the neurosciences receive much interest for use in the applied field of education.

Developmental trajectories of sensory patterns from infancy to school age in a community sample and associations with autistic traits

Sensory patterns of children on the autism spectrum, and those who had ASD traits but were not diagnosed, grew stronger over time.

Child’s Play: Examining the Association Between Time Spent Playing and Child Mental Health

A number of theories indicate a role for adventurous or risky play in anxiety prevention.

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