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In the Classroom

Pupil Workshops

NeuroEducation offer bespoke pupil workshops where there may be an identified need within your school or within a small population of pupils requiring additional intervention. These workshops can be delivered to KS2 up to KS4 groups. 

Our specialists have a great deal of experience in a range of settings and bring together their expertise and knowledge in order to ensure the delivery of our workshops are relevant, engaging and impactful for your pupils. 

All of our Workshops bring together links between the child/young person's development and how it relates to statistics and relevant factors in order to turn a subjective topic to an objective process. 

Workshop Topics include:


  • Understanding and responding to your peers' needs

  • Understanding Risk Tasking Behaviours 

  • Understanding my Brain's Development

  • Bullying - Including Cyberbullying and Online harassment 

  • Sexualised Behaviours 

  • Peer on Peer Violent Behaviours

  • Developing Debating Skills

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for our prices. 

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