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Introduction to the Principles of Neuroeducation

The term Neuroeducation makes up a triad of neuroscience, pedagogy and psychology. The goal of neuroeducation is to advance our knowledge on neural mechanisms underlying diverse learning processes and development to ultimately design an optimal learning environment.


Understanding elements of neuroscience and how this reflects on brain development, brain anatomy, memory systems, and the social emotional nature of the brain allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the children and young people we work with and how we can further design our intervention.


Supported by neuroscience theory, brain anatomy research and key principles of brain development, this course offers professionals with a more holistic approach to their role.


Course Content:


  • Introduction to Neuroeducation

  • Key Principles of Brain Development

  • Brain Anatomy and Physiology

  • Memory Systems

  • The Social-Emotional Brain System


Course Type – Currently Face to Face Group only


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