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NeuroEd Online courses

All the information you need to access our online courses

Online Course Registration and Pricing Schedule

Through NeuroEd's online learning platform, you can access a range of training courses focusing on Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties with the aim to further support the children and young people who you work with.



Registering an Account is simple by clicking on the link: 



Please assign yourself to a 'Group' on registration. If your organisation/school is not available, please click 'My group has not been listed' which will allow you to add your own Group name. 


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All of our online training courses are £60.00 (inc.VAT) per course. 


Once you have purchased the course via our                                our administrators will allocate this training to you on your platform

Step 1

Register an account on our Online Learning Platform

Register here

Step 2

Select and purchase the course(s) you wish to study in our Shop Page


Shop Page 

Step 3

Return to your online learning account

Step 4

Find your chosen course in your 'Allocated Training' page

Please note - it could take up to 24hrs to be allocated your training

Contact Details:

Course fees or invoice queries -

IT Support query - Help & Support

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